VideoDrone AP; Drone with Camera; bonus battery included doubles flying time


US $42.97

Product Description

Ready to fly with a built-in camera for aerial video and still photography. Serious pilots need a full-featured drone capable of maneuvering in tight spaces. Protocol's VideoDrone AP with Camera is a dynamic addition to an already impressive fleet. An on-board altitude sensor makes VideoDrone AP easy to fly with auto launch, hover, and land functionality. With its motion sensitive stabilizers, VideoDrone AP performs combination maneuvers such as crisp banked turns and 4-way 360° flips. The reliable 2.4 Gig transmitter provides clear wide area reception. It's equipped with a 4GB memory card and a USB cord for easy, direct uploads. Features: Camera Resolution: 480p, Video: records 40 minutes, Photo: stores 10,000 images, 4 GB memory included, Auto launch, hover, & land with altitude sensor, 6-axis motion-sensitive auto stabilizers, maneuvers up/down, forward/backward, right/left, and side to side! Banked turns and 4-way 360° flips! Three selectable speeds, Crash-resistant materials, Measures 6.1W (includes blade guards), Recharges through provided USB cord, 2.4 Gig remote, Remote requires 4 AA, batteries (not included)


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